Do you have a hand coloured belt?


Dominique Saint Paul can make for you a hand coloured belt.

For the modern gentleman a hand coloured belt provides the all important finishing touch.

The colour of your belt is important and should not be ignored.

Whether for casual or business attire the colour you choose for your belt will make an important statement about your style.

Style is about being yourself, but on purpose.

So the choice of colour is up to you.

You may choose to have a belt in a colour to match your shoes.

You may even choose, and its perfectly acceptable, a contrasting colour for your belt.

Dominique Saint Paul make luxury and hand crafted belts that are hand coloured – so that you can choose any colour.

In our own artisan workshop in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam our craftsman take may hours to finely craft each belt.

The crust leather is from Europe and it is hand coloured to order.

The buckles are custom made to our own unique design by a French company and you have the choice of antique brass, palladium (as it is better quality than silver) or gold.

We make our belts in both 3cm and 4 cm widths which will give you more options for casual or business dress.

Those wearing suits for work often opt for the 3cm width belts, but not always. The choice is yours.

The buckles are detachable as they attach to the leather strap with a screw stud of our own unique design.

The belts are made to the length you require, with possibility to increase or decrease the size by two holes on either side of the central hole.

You can even take off the buckles and cut the leather strap to make it shorter.

Many of our customers will also buy extra buckles in order to mix and match at will.

We have a wide variety of colours of belt in store in our Saigon shop.

Further we have an online shop where you can choose from many colours. Click the link here to see more

If you would like yo make an order for a special colour then please do contact us.

Email and online shop orders can be paid for with PayPal for security and peace of mind.

We regularly ship internationally and for this we use Fed Ex.

Dominique Saint Paul was born in Saigon.

We are the preeminent luxury brand in Vietnam making shoes and leather goods that enable our customers to tell a story about their own unique style.

Make it your style today with our elegant shoes and fine leather goods.

We look forward to hearing from you.