Bespoke leather goods – your designs brought to life


Bespoke leather goods from Dominique Saint Paul for the discerning gentleman.

At the pinnacle of our artisan craftsmanship is our ability to make fully custom made, luxury leather goods, that is to say bespoke.

Bespoke truly means for oneself.

Under the watchful eye of our French master craftsman Alex we create pieces to exactly match your needs and exacting requirements.

The bespoke customer may have not only a special design, but also custom made emboss logo stamp, choose the colours inside and out, thread colour and colour of edge paint. Of course as you would expect our leather goods are fully leather lined.

An example is pictured here of a recently completed passport holder long jacket wallet.

This finely crafted piece was made for Mr. MLC of Singapore.

You will notice of course that the leather is hand coloured in a rather striking carbon grey with linear patina, design by us according to the customers request.

If you look closely you will see that this customer also commissioned us to make a special logo design for him that we have emboss stamped on the leather.

Contact us today for more information on how to commission luxury bespoke leather goods.

We also have an online shop for leather goods for those with more pressing needs. Perhaps you will pick up a few items whilst mulling over your next bespoke creation?

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Bespoke long wallet for Mr. MLC - Dominique Saint Paul