Brogues wing tips and all that jazz


Brogues, wing tips and all that jazz.

Here we have a selection of shoes in two styles. It is easy to get confused, especially as the English have their names for the two styles and the Americans use different names.

Let us explain.

Brogues, or brogue shoes, refers to the decorative punching on the leather, usually around the seams of the pieces that form the shoe upper, and often also seen on the toe caps. This decoration is known as broguing. Incidentally for those that wish to delve a little deeper into train spotter territory, the zig zig edges normally seen on brogues is described as pinking.

Brogues, from an English point of view, coming in two flavours. That is to say full brogues or half brogues. Full brogues are usually sporting a wing tip piece for the toe caps, and for this reason the Americans call these shoes wing tips. Is the fog clearing? Now the half brogues dispense with the wing tip and go for a squared off toe cap. As a side note, the English are often calling the half brogues, demi-brogues, which can queer the pitch a little.

In the picture here the full brogues (yes, again, the wing tips) are on the left and right. The half brogue shoe (demi-brogue) is in the middle.

Our brogues and wing tips are available as made to order where you choose all the colours (and get bumped up to a premium Italian calf crust leather) or ready to wear, where we have chosen the colours for you. But since style is about being yourself, we rather prefer you make it your style.


About Dominique Saint Paul shoes.

Dominique Saint Paul, Saigon. A brand founded in Vietnam. We make luxury and finely hand crafted Goodyear welted men’s dress shoes, casual shoes and also complimentary leather goods.

Our collection of dress shoes comprises Oxfords and Derby dress shoes including full brogues, half brogues, toe caps Oxfords, loafers, whole cuts, monk shoes and boots. Our casual shoe styles include slipper loafers, driving shoes and moccasin loafers.

We make leather goods in matching or contrasting colours, including belts, wallets, card holders, cigar cases, notebooks, iPhone cases, bags and much more. Our leather goods are all fully leather lined and expertly crafted by hand in our own workshop.

We specialise in hand coloured patina on crust leather to create colours that express your style.


Dominique Saint Paul flagship store can be found at 29 Dong Du, District 1, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam
Tel +84 (0) 8 38 25 12 59


We have an online shop for our hand crafted and hand coloured patina leather goods that you can find here with many styles including belts, wallets, bags, card holders, cigar cases and much more.
If you do not see the colour you desire, then please contact us.
We can normally make a new piece in around 5 days and we ship worldwide with Fed Ex.


If you are in Singapore, you can find our men’s dress and casual shoes and our leather goods at The Bespoke Club in Suntec City Mall.


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