Hand coloured shoes – you can make it your style


Hand coloured shoes from  Dominique Saint Paul – you can make it your style.

To explain more.

Our artisan made shoes for gentlemen are hand coloured.

We use what is know as a crust leather. Alcohol based dye colours from Italy are then applied by hand. This is a traditional process from Italy that has been practised for more than 50 years.

The colour can be solid, as pictured here in what we call Joker green, or we can make a patina – that is with lighter are darker areas of colour. With patina more than one colour may be applied also.

In this way our customers can choose the colour they want – style is about being yourself and hand coloured shoes gives you complete control.

Our dress shoes are Goodyear welted – this means that the soles and heel are made of vegetable tanned leather. This leather can also be hand coloured, meaning that you may have a contrasting colour for the soles edges and bottom of your shoes.

The colour is well fixed and it will not wash off in the rain (yes, some customers do ask about this).

The final stage of the hand coloured process is the hand application  of Italian creams to give the leather a soft hand touch and depend the colour. Finally the shoes are brushed with Carnauba wax, which is 100% natural vegetable wax from Brasil.

The result is quite amazing as we are sure you will see.

Really each pair of hand coloured shoes is one of a kind. Luxury and elegant style for the modern gentleman who understands that what you wear on your feet is important. We provide the finishing touch.

Contact us today to get more information on our hand coloured Goodyear welted dress shoes. We offer both RTW ready to wear and MTO made to order.

Our flagship store is in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam). We also take orders by email and telephone.

Every week we ship many pairs of shoes around the world, so let our experienced staff answer all your questions.

We carry of 20 styles of shoes and if you choose MTO shoes you will have the choice of 13 sizes and 5 width fittings.

We look forward to hear from you soon.