Made to order shoes like no other


Made to order shoes from Dominique Saint Paul are very different from the other brands.

What do you see in the picture here?

Perhaps you think these are nice new shoes ready to sell.

In fact no. Let us explain.

The picture shows our shoe fitting room. This is exclusively for our customers who opt for the Dominique Saint Paul made to order shoes programme.

In this room we have shoes for you to actually try on and walk around. Take as much time as you like.

We have nearly 200 fitting pairs of shoes covering all our lasts.

For most dress shoe styles we offer made to order in 13 sizes and a staggering 5 width fittings for each size. The width fittings are E, EE, EEE, F and G.

Asian and western feet are very different so when making shoes in Vietnam (for customers in Vietnam and around the world) it is imperative to have a wide range of width fittings.

Now, comfort and fit are not quite the same thing.

We strive for good fit combined with excellent comfort. You need both.

Other brands will measure your feet or even use a 3D scanner. This is not so good and can lead to comfort problems.

Measuring feet can only inform what is technically a correct fit, but that does not, sadly, assure your comfort.

Trying on shoes of different sizes and width allows the human element to play an important part in the shoe sizing process.

Everyone has a different idea about how they like to wear there shoes, more tight or more loose.

We like and need to hear your thoughts and feedback, according to shoes that you are actually wearing.

Its a trials and error process and you may try on 4 or 5 pairs to get the right feel and fit for you.

Trying on our fitting shoes allows you the customer to give your own unique opinion on what you find comfortable.

This is a very different approach from other brands and this that makes Dominique Saint Paul made to order shoes very special.

Another point. We often hear a lot of talk about the breaking in of new shoes.

With Dominique Saint Paul made to order shoes the comfort is assured from the start.

No need for breaking in of your new shoes as they are already made to the optimum size and width to ensure great comfort. And you tried the fitting shoes, so you will know that already.

We make made to order shoes just for you. Unique shoes for unique people.

Only one brand gives you such unrivalled choice.

Finally with our made to order shoes you can make it your style with your own choice of colour.

Try Dominique Saint Paul made to order shoes and never look back.

Luxury and hand crafted Goodyear welted shoes made by artisans in Saigon, Vietnam.

So you see, we do really have made to order shoes like no other.

Call us, send an email or visit our shop to find our more about our unique and very special made to order shoes programme.