Shoe horns and all you need to know


Shoe horns – a few words here to ensure you are well the informed gentleman.

You surely know what a shoe horn is. You may even own one.

But we would not be surprised if you ask. “Why should I use a shoe horn?”

Well in fact if you take the time to undo your laces sufficiently then your foot can slip easily into the shoe. Then you will never need a shoe horn.

That said, most of us are in a rush, or just too lazy to undo the shoe laces enough. Fair enough we say.

Using a shoe horn will ease the foot in without treading down the heel of the shoe.

If you do consistently tread down the heel part at the back the shoes may be damaged beyond any possible repair.

A few dollars will protect your beautiful shoes.

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Shoe horns leather covered from Dominique Saint Paul, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)