Whole cut shoes Goodyear welted


Whole cut luxury shoes Goodyear welted from Dominique Saint Paul.

We make our whole cut shoes in both ready to wear and made to order.

Ready to wear we have a wide variety of colours and common sizes in one or two width fittings.

If you opt for our made to order programme then you will have the choice of 13 sizes and 5 width fittings in each size thereby giving you optimum comfort and fit. No need for the dreaded so called breaking in of our shoes.

Further, made to order gives you the choice of any colour for the uppers and a selection of grain leathers and suede, which may even be mixed in one pair.

The shoes are made in Goodyear welted construction with full leather soles and stacked leather heels. The outsoles leather is vegetable tanned and may also be coloured in your choice of colour. We fix a rubber top lift grip in the heel for extra peace of mind when wearing the shoes in wet weather.

Pictured here is one pair recently made. Whole cut shoes are so called as the upper for each shoe is made from one single piece of leather.

This represents the pinnacle of artisan craftsmanship in shoe making with many hours of handcrafting going into each pair of shoes.

We specialise on hand colouring using dye colours from Italy in a traditional process that has been used in Italy for more than 60 years. The shoes are finished and polished by hand using creams and waxes that we also source from Italy.

Our shoes and leather goods are made entirely by us in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

In just 7 years we now have a good following of customers all around the world.

Contact us today for more information about style, sizing and how to order.

We pride ourselves on first rate customer service provided by experienced and knowledgable staff who have worked for us for many years.

Remember also that you can have a belt made in hand coloured crust leather to match you shoes. An all import detail for the gentleman who appreciates the finishing touch.

Make it your style today, because style is about being yourself but on purpose.

We also have an online shop for our small leather goods and ladies hand bags and you can follow the link here to see more

Dominique Saint Paul – a brand born in Saigon and bringing to you the Pearl of the Far East.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and remain at your full disposal for any and all questions.

Thank you.