Dominique Saint Paul hand painetd patina leather goods and shoes artisan made with custom elements



At Dominique Saint Paul, we derive our inspiration from the culture, colour and creativity of Saigon, the birthplace of our founder Dominic Price. Our signature colour turquoise was the favourite colour of his disabled mother, to whom the birth of Dominic and his brother Quintin at the Clinique Saint Paul in the early 1960s was a miracle.

     We draw our design sensibility and the authenticity of our construction from the long established traditions of shoemaking and fine leather craft found in England, France, Italy and Vietnam.

     Our shoes and leather goods are constructed by skilled and passionate artisans, using high quality European leather, with many painstaking hours of handwork going into each finely crafted piece. We are inspired to create unique leather goods for individuals whose style is evident from a product that tells their story.

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Dominique Saint Paul reflects our quest: to enable you to bring your style to life. Today, more than ever, being yourself on purpose defines your style. It is the expression of individuality that Dominique Saint Paul seeks to reveal, through our shoes and leather goods.

     Our clients are worldly, refined, grounded and self-assured. We are passionate about enabling self-expression in order to bring style to life. Behind our brand is the belief that everyone has their own style, though very few choose to express it.

     Quentin Crisp, sought-after for his highly individual views on social manners and the cultivation of style, once said, "style is not only definable but, more to the point, acquirable." Acquiring it is much less difficult than most people imagine, because to be a person with style is simply to be yourself, but on purpose.

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The Dominique Saint Paul collection combines the quality and comfort of first-rate materials and craftsmanship, whilst reflecting your personality through our hand colouring and finishing.

     Our shoes and leather goods are carefully constructed by skilled and passionate artisans utilising time honoured, handed down methods. The shoe styles that are found in the Dominique Saint Paul collection are a combination of traditional lace-ups, buckled and slip-on shoes, with accents of Asia in the detailing, ranging from Goodyear welting for durability to lighter soles for more casual wear. The small leather goods collection comprises belts, wallets, business card holders, telephone cases, small bags and cigar cases.

     Our craft brings together English style, French finesse, Italian flair and Vietnamese creativity, inspired by old Saigon.

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We start with crust leather, supplied from the tannery in its raw form, uncoloured and unfinished. Our artisans, using a traditional Italian process, create either solid colour using a hand dip dye process or tone and patina by applying layers of one or more colours by hand. A similar process is followed to apply colour to the soles, heels and edges.

     Our leather goods are treated in exactly the same way to provide identical or contrasting colours.

     Our customers routinely present Dominique Saint Paul with the challenge to create their own individual colour. This is why we can claim our products uniquely enable you to bring your style to life.

artisan bench made small leather good hand coloured including wallets and bags