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[People of Saigon] The Artist

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by Mai Anh on February 2, 2024.

Meet Long Nghia  - The artist, skater, & community.

Long Nghia & Rollie in our classic Marinetti.

Long Nghia (@nghialong), a multifaceted force in Saigon's skate and street culture, has seamlessly woven artistry, skating, and community support into the vibrant fabric of his life. For nearly a decade, he has been an unwavering pillar, bolstering the local subculture with silent yet impactful contributions. Beyond the ramps and streets, Nghia is an artist with a distinctive personal branding, Staysick and FlowBoy, as evident in his captivating creations. His work transcends mere aesthetics, embodying a dedication to the subculture that goes beyond the canvas. Through his art, skating prowess, and behind-the-scenes support, Long Nghia elevates Saigon's skate and street scene, leaving an enduring mark on the community he cherishes. In a world of ollies and artistic expression, Nghia stands as both creator and catalyst, bridging the gap between individual passion and the collective heartbeat of a thriving subculture.