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[People Of Saigon] The Street

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by Mai Anh on February 02, 2024

Meet PlayboiCarmau - The Model, Skater, & Street Warrior.

Đức (@playboicarmau) in the night in our Red Wilde Croc & Racing-Green Tenniel.

Đức (@playboicarmau), a unique individual, seamlessly embodies the contrasting worlds of modeling, skating, and street culture. By day, he graces the pages of renowned publications like L'Officiel Magazine, leaving an indelible mark with his striking presence and versatility. Collaborating with photographers from the bustling streets of New York, Đức effortlessly captures the essence of high fashion with an urban edge. However, as the sun sets, a different side of him emerges. The city becomes his playground, and he transforms into a street warrior, navigating the asphalt on a skateboard alongside friends. In these nocturnal pursuits, Đức merges fashion and skill, creating content on Reels & Tiktok  that transcends conventional boundaries. His duality is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of contrasting passions, proving that style and street can seamlessly converge in the captivating persona of a model, skater, and nocturnal street maven.