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Stromae II 210mm


The Stromae II,  is a 210mm wide,  newly developed travel piece used for keeping your keys, watch, change and money clip,  made from Italian calf crust with patina color to your choice and a luxurious Italian suede lining.

Perfect for throwing in your suitcase when you travel , this unique piece flattens down to minimise the space taken in your luggage and adds a level of refinement to the bedside table when on those key trips. Featuring 4 press clasps to bring its 2D to 3D shape alive once you have arrived.


Product code:  1985-0000-II

Dimension: L21 x W21 x H4.5 cm

Color: Black
Saigon Leather
Midnight Blue
Dark Chocolate
Dark Brown

Handmade & Exclusive

We make luxury leather products customized to you